1. Askew. The wind knocked his hat awry. (pronounced AWWWREEE).
  2. Amiss. There's something awry about this pronunciation (pronounced UHREYE). 
  3. A drink you order in a saloon. I'll have awry (pronounced A RYE).


The soul of a lentil. Also a town in Texas.


What you break out in when King Midas wants to shake your hand. A town in Texas.


Someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger.

Regurgitive Code

Recursive code that makes you nauseous when writing it. Not to be confused with Regurgitative Code.


When you use non-breaking spaces to set the exact position of an element. The room in a house where all your junk is stored when you don't have basement.


Success on somebody else's terms. Or undeserved success. Or when something you think sucks becomes successful. Or when success or chasing after it just plain starts to suck.


The look my partner gives me when I say something super silly.